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Old Grant

Old grant are those properties situated in Cantonment which were given to the natives of Cantonment by then Cantonment administration (in accordance with the Governer General order No. 179 dated 12 th Sept., 1836) for use as specified in the grant order.
The owner of the land in respect of these properties Is Govt of India, MOD and the superstructure standing thereon is owned by the duly recorded HOR of the GLR.
The properties are transferable by inheritance, sale deed, gift deed etc. however subject to compliance of directions made by the GOI in this regard.
Permission to construct in respect of these properties is also subject to guidelines of GOI in this regard. For this please refer construction .
No unauthorized construction, sub-division of site, change of purpose and encroachment are permissible in old grant properties and these needs to be regularised if existing in the property failing which property in question is liable to be resumed by Govt of India, MOD.
Old grant properties are convertible into freehold. Please refer freehold.