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Freehold conversion

Free hold conversion means change of occupancy rights of a site/building into ownership rights against payment of a fee namely conversion cost to the Govt. In simple terms it means sale of ownership rights of land by the Govt. to the holder of occupancy rights. The ownership rights of most of the land situated in the Shahjahanpur Cantonment are vested in the Govt. of India and policy of free hold conversion is applicable only to the sites situated in civil area.

Land tenures convertible for free hold

For a site to be converted into free hold following conditions must be satisfied:

Must be situated in civil area.
It should not be a property of Cantonment Board
The applicant should possess the right to own the superstructure.
It should be situated on B-3 land and not on any other class of land.
Property should be held on old grant, cantt code or any other type of lease.
The property should not be situated in outside civil area.
The applicant should first give his willingness to get a particular property converted into freehold by writing an application addressed to Chief Executive Officer, Shahjahanpur.
The applicant should rectify any deficiency pointed out by the office after examination of his application of freehold. The applicant should also submit all the necessary documents as desired by the office. For example, if the property does not stands in his name in the GLR of Cantt Board then he must submit necessary documents to prove the transfer of property to him from the recorded HOR.
On intimation by the office, the applicant should deposit 25% of the conversion cost as earnest money (provisional) with the Board. Conversion cost shall be intimated to the applicant by the office.
In case the proposal of conversion is approved by the MOD, GOI, the applicant shall be duly informed by the office and he shall be required to deposit the balance amount i.e. 75% of the conversion cost.
The applicant should note that the conversion cost shall be calculated as per the STR inforce at the time of approval by the MOD GOI.
In case MOD, GOI, does not approve the conversion then also applicant shall be informed and earnest money deposited by him shall be returned without interest.
After the approval of the conversion, deposition of full conversion cost, the applicant shall be required to execute a conversion deed with GOI on prescribed proforma and stamp duty and registration fee in respect of conversion deed shall be paid by the applicant.