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                    Cantonment Board, Shahjahanpur was established in the year 1835.  It is a category II cantonment having total population 18116 which includes 3235 military population as per 2011 census. Board consist of 14 members which includes 7 elected members.  Total Area of the Cantonment  Board is 2407.14 Acres  which includes  notified civil area is 10.273 Acres under management of Board.

Shahjahanpur City is established by Shri Diler Khan and Shri Bahadur Khan sons of Shri Dariya Khan   who was a soldier in the Army of Mugal Emperor JAHANGEER. Both, Shri Diler Khan and Shri Bahadur Khan were dignitary in the regime of Shahjahan. After, pleasing with the services of Shri Dilerkhan, Shahjahan gifted 14 villages with the permission to construct a Fort. Diler khan developed a fort in "Nainar Khera Village" which was situated on the rivers Garrah and Khannaut. He also established 52 type of Pathan's Caste. Today, most of the mohallas are on the name of these castes. Dilazak Mohalla, II Bazar, Mau Vilage.

District Shahjahanpur is situated in South East of Rohilkhand Division.It was established in 1813. Before its  creation it was a part of district Bareilly. Geographically, it is situated at 27.35N latitude and 79.37E longitude. Adjoining districts of Shahjahanpur are Lakhimpur Khiri, Hardoi, Farrukhabad, Bareilly, Buduan and Pilibhit respectively. Geographical area of it is 4575 sq. meter. This is a agriculture based district of Uttar Pradesh. Shahjahanpur is also known as Shahido ki nagri on the name of great freedom fighter i.e.  Ashfaqullah, Ram parsad, Roshan singh.


There are two "MAJARs" which connect Shahjahanpur City. One "MAJAR" is of "SHAHID AHAMAD ULLAH SHAH" - a great freedom fighter of 1857's struggle while another is of "SHAHID ASHFAQULLAH KHAN (KAKORI KAND)". Maulvi Ahamad Ullah Shah started his struggle from Faizabad (U.P.). From there, he came at Shahjahanpur. His life ended at Shahjahanpur. After 70 years, Ashfaqullah initiated struggle against British Government.